Contract manufacturing in the food sector

This is how processing proceeds in brief, from the raw material through its extrusion in the extruder to the packaging of the finished product.

Erbacher Food Intelligence Extrusion Technology

Mixing & Kneading

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Dry raw materials, such as flours and spices, are mixed to create an individual recipe.

Extrusion – Shaping & Molding

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The dry flour mixture is kneaded into a homogeneous dough mass with the addition of water and under the influence of pressure and heat and then continuously pressed out of a small nozzle opening. The number, shape and size of the nozzles can vary according to customer requirements – giving each product its individual appearance. The resulting pressure drop during the extrusion process causes the water to evaporate, resulting in a pore-like formation of the product's structure.

Drying & Coating

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After leaving the die, the extrudates are dried and, if necessary, further surface treated with a water- or oil-based spray solution with the addition of spices and aromas.


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Depending on customer requirements, the extrudates are now packed in cartons or big bags.

Your Opportunities

Our extrudates can be used in a wide variety of ways. They are suitable both as an ingredient for further processing, e.g. as a crunchy ingredient in chocolates, muesli mixes and bars. But they can also be used for coating or as a ready-to-eat private label product, e.g. as a breakfast cereal or snack. It can also be used as a textured vegetable protein for your sustainable meat alternative. Let us inspire you: 

Examples of Private Label Products:

  • Healthy muesli mix
  • Gluten-free breakfast cereals (e.g. choco loops)
  • Spelled chocolate hearts
  • Spelled lattice with paprika flavor
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Examples for the use of ingredients:

  • Crispy flakes in chocolate bars
  • Coated crispy balls in yogurt
  • Use as breading
  • Toppings for salads & soups

Let your creativity run free and contact us – together we will implement your product idea.

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