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Whether you have an idea for a private label product or an ingredient – we support you as a competent partner. With our customised crunchy cereal extrudates and protein texturates, the sky is the limit. 

A small glimpse of what is possible:

  • Sweet snacks: date-based snack bites in cocoa coating
  • Savoury snacks: Gluten-free chickpea chips Salt & Vinegar
  • Cereals: Spelt-based strawberry and vanilla balls of organic quality
  • Mueslis: Gluten-free fruit mix with chocolate splits
  • Ingredients: Protein-rich soy balls as an ingredient in muesli or bars
  • Texturate: Fibrous vegetable protein as a vegan meat substitute
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Your Advantages – our Services

With us, you have an experienced company at your side. We have been working with national and international customers for decades. We are experts in product development and extrusion technology and always check the quality of raw materials and finished products in our accredited in-house laboratory.

With us, you can customise your product. There are almost no limits to shape, color, taste and quality!

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Process of Cooperation
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Setting food trends together. That is our goal. With us, you experience partnership cooperation at eye level: In "fast prototyping", for example, you are live in the development of your product and also the possibility of producing relatively small quantities is a practical solution for market entry. 

Say "Hello". We look forward to working with you...

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You have an idea and would like to turn it into a concrete product? Then say "hello" to us and present us your idea – of course completely confidential. The best thing to do is to use our contact form right away!

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Getting to know each other & round table
After we have checked the feasibility of your idea, it's time to talk about the implementation of your desired product during a personal meeting. In doing so, we rely on a cooperative partnership in which you can rely on our expertise and experience.
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Test kitchen & production
In close coordination with product development, your product becomes reality. In the process, you can take advantage of the opportunity to be there live when your idea takes shape.
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Any questions?

Can I have my own product manufactured according to my ideas?

Yes, Erbacher Food Intelligence is specialised in the development and production of customised products according to individual customer requirements. The prerequisite is the availability of the required raw materials in the required quantities and the feasibility of the recipe. 

Are you interested? Then simply contact us directly via our contact form.

How flexible is Erbacher Food Intelligence?

We have specialised in the implementation of individual customer wishes and therefore have a certain flexibility in the development and production of food. Nevertheless, we also work according to proven processes in the interest of economic efficiency. Should certain processes lead to restrictions, we can offer appropriate alternatives thanks to our many years of experience. 

Have questions? Then simply contact us directly via our contact form.

Which forms can we choose?

From A for apple to Z for zebra If the right shape is not available, we can check the desired shape and have it produced if necessary.

Are you interested? Then simply contact us directly via our contact form.

Which product categories can we have manufactured?

Our product range includes Ingredients for further processing:

  • for dragées and dairy products
  • for fish and meat substitutes
  • for breakfast cereals and muesli
  • for bars, chocolate and pralines
  • for breadcrumbs

and products for your own brand:

  • Breakfast cereals
  • Savoury snacks
  • Sweet snacks
  • Textured vegetable protein (TVP)

Are you interested? Then simply contact us directly via our contact form.

Which allergens are processed at Erbacher Food Intelligence?

We process the allergens gluten, milk and soy. These are explicitly shown on our specifications.

Do you have any further questions? Then simply contact us directly via our contact form.

What is the procedure if I want to have my own product?

You have a product idea? Great, then tell us more about it. We'd be happy to hear from you personally by phone and email or via our contact form.

Together we will then talk about your ideas, such as special product features, planned product quantities and launch, and the possible feasibility of your desired product. In the next step, we send you an initial target price. If this fits, the development work begins, if necessary with production trials, which are invoiced separately as a sample flat rate. If you like your product sample, you will receive a concrete offer from us. After that, you can start creating your packaging design. As soon as we receive your official order, the production of your product can start. The delivery times for the initial order are usually somewhat longer because the raw materials and packaging materials must first be procured.

In our experience, the market launch of a new product can be implemented within 9 months from the start of development. Follow-up orders can of course be implemented more quickly.

Have questions? Then simply get in touch directly via our contact form.

Why is the sample production charged?

We only charge a flat rate for samples. All sample products are produced on the regular production lines. Additional costs are therefore incurred for the development work and production. For very complex products, it may also be necessary to carry out 2-3 production trials to validate the products.

Have questions? Then simply contact us directly via our contact form.

We are your Partner

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Do you have any questions?

You can reach us personally from Monday to Friday (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) by phone on +49 (0) 9371/940-0 and by email. Or you can simply use our contact form.

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Warehouse:Monday-Friday from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m

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