Coated, Not Panned: Clever Ingredients for Dairy Products

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Crispy extras for dairy products
Crispy extras for dairy products
Small but Mighty: Extrudates like strawberry hearts, cocoa pillows, or vanilla loops give dairy products that certain something. They add personality to yogurt, giving it a unique crunchy character. At Erbacher Food Intelligence, we are passionately dedicated to developing foods that delight. For example, our innovative ingredients for the dairy products of the future.
Speaking of the future: The global market is constantly evolving, and price fluctuations present recurring challenges for food producers. Take, for instance, the recent dramatic increase in cocoa costs. The immense price hike and limited availability of cocoa mass and cocoa butter mean that manufacturers and consumers must dig deeper into their pockets or find clever solutions that are cost-effective and still taste great.
Cocoa Price Increase 2022-2024<br>
Cocoa Price Increase 2022-2024
We wouldn’t be Erbacher Food Intelligence if we hadn’t already thought about this. And found a smart solution!

Yogurt with a Wow Factor: These Coatings Work!

Foregoing enjoyment or stretching the budget? Not ideal options for us. We believe there's a better way! That's why at Erbacher Food Intelligence, we increasingly rely on coated extrudates that are based on sugar, fat, or fruit powder. Or contain a lower chocolate content of a maximum of 20%. This way, dairy products get their crunchy extra, tailored to your preferences – whether vegan loops or strawberry hearts, the variety is almost limitless. And your wallet won't be challenged by rising cocoa prices.
Clever, more affordable, and still deliciously crunchy? With our coatings, absolutely!

The Advantages of our Coated Extrudates at a Glance:

  • Versatility: Our coatings can be made based on sugar, fat, and/or fruit powder to offer a wide range of flavours and textures.
  • Durability: Our coated extrudates retain their shape in yogurt and impress with a high "bowl life" factor.
  • Cost-Effective: We find solutions with you that also keep the numbers in mind. By reducing or eliminating the chocolate content, we enable our customers to make significant savings.
  • Higher Yield per Cup: With a lower filling weight per chamber.

Versatile, Future-Oriented, Innovative

Challenges such as rising prices can be overcome if you have the right alternatives. Those with good ideas find solutions. That's why at Erbacher Food Intelligence, we always rise to the challenges of the food industry and develop ideas for truly great products that are successful in the present and the future. Our coated extrudates for dairy products are an intelligent solution to reduce costs without compromising on quality and taste. We are proud to help our customers succeed even in challenging times.
Feel free to contact us if we can assist you in creating your desired extrudates! Whether for the new favorite yogurt or other foods: with us, everything turns out well.

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